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Published on: Jan 24 2018 by Macmillan

 Overview of AVG Antivirus FREE 2018:

As Everybody needs the Antivirus protection to their PCs AVG Antivirus Free 2018 is recommended antivirus security software which is little different compared to its previous as we know Avast acquired AVG so it uses best of both Avast’s and AVG‘s technologies to provides an essential protection to your windows PC against viruses, spyware, ransomware, Trojans, rootkits, and other malware while online browsing. This Powerful program consists of enhanced features that give all-round protection to your PC both locally and online.

avgAntivirus  2018 download

Features of AVG Antivirus FREE 2018:

  • AVG Antivirus FREE 2018 interface is elegant design and neatly organized user-friendly with many advanced options.
  • AVG Antivirus FREE 2018 provides real time protection from malware, spyware on your PC and stops anything that’s that tries to infect and always keeps your computer safe by its AVG Resident shield (Antimalware).
  • AVG Email Scanner Checks for any malicious content exist in the inbound email attachments and detects, blocks the unsafe links and dangerous downloads that may put your Computer at risk. The Email Scanner is compatible with POP3, IMAP and SMTP accounts.
  • AVG protective Cloud based technology identifies and detects the emerging that in the cloud and provides automatic updates and gives up-to-date protection based on the latest virus definitions and other algorithms.
  • AVG Link Scanner Surf Shield actively checks the web page before you click it and alerts you and stops if it detects any suspicious malware.
  • AVG Link Protection checks the links when they are exchanged on the social sites such as Facebook, twitter, and thoroughly scans the web and protects you.
  • AVG Turbo Scan and Smart scanner allows you to scan the PC quickly and decrease the security scanning time and as well as it ignores the files that are already scanned and knows whether they are safe.
  • AVG Advisor check the performance issues regarding the browsing speed and alerts you if any apps that uses lot system resource and memory where the computer lags and freeze provide you the option of shutting them down.

AVG Antivirus FREE 2018 System Requirements:
Operating system : windows 10 ,windows 7,windows 8 ,windows xp2(32-64)bits .
Hard-disk :400 MB free hard-disk space
Memory: 1 GB RAM


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