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Published on: Dec 17 2015 by Macmillan

Quick Heal Anti-Virus Pro 2016 detects and removes unknown threats that traditional anti-virus software don’t. This software will automatically blocks websites that may infect your computer. Quick Heal Pro 2016 safeguards your emails against malicious codes. The below listed new features make sure that your privacy and data is safe while browsing malicious sites or downloading unknown programs from web.

Quick Heal Anti-Virus Pro 2016 ,

Quick Heal Anti-Virus Pro 2016 blocks suspicious threats like worms, Trojans and other malwares. Quick Heal Pro 2016 antivirus is a powerful security suite for your PC. The tool provides clod based email security and sandbox browser offers secure browsing experience.

Key Features of Quick Heal Anti-Virus Pro 2016 Includes:
Advanced DNA Scan: The feature combines the behavioral and characteristic inspection and monitoring of unsafe programs.

Vulnerability Scanner: Can help you to identify and solve security vulnerabilities on your computer.

Firewall: Enables you to definitely set protection levels for Internet traffic and programs that try to connect to your network.

Core Protection: This effective antivirus tool quickly detects and resolves threats

Web Security: This intelligent software restricts use of virus infected websites.

Improved Scan Engine: This antivirus scan engine eliminates rescanning files that haven’t been changed.

Email Security: Quick Heal Anti-virus Pro provides cloud based email security.

Browser Sandbox: Running your internet browser in Sandbox Browser provides you secure browsing experience.

TrackMyLaptop: This feature helps users to track the location of their stolen or lost laptop.

Operating systems:Windows 10, Windows 8.1 ,Windows 8 , Windows 7 ,Windows Vista , Windows XP , Windows 2000.


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