Hide My Ass Review 2015 HMA Pro VPN Free Download

Published on: Mar 25 2015 by Macmillan

HideMyAss (VPN)Introduction :

Hide My Ass is amongst the best names available on the market because of the huge quality service they provide as well as the amount of free services that they offer Virtual private network (VPN) configurations were once simply the preserve of huge businesses. They became well-known there as a protected way to permit employees to work on their Computer while  office, simply because with VPN client application on the laptop along with a VPN server at the office, then so far as the pc and its user are concerned, they are usually part of the very same network environment.

HideMyAss Free DownloadFeatures Of Hide My Ass Review 2015 HMA Pro VPN Free Download:

>The company offers 591 Servers throughout 69 countries – delivering a possible 73000+ IP addresses .

->This number is continually developing. They additionally provide the three most popular protocols: LLTP, L2TP as well as Open VPN and easily enables you to modify between them (based on device).

hey’ve software available for all significant operating system and because they enable two synchronized connections, something that’s not too common, you don’t have to bother with which of your gadgets you wish to use at a given time.

HideMyAssSpeed, Reliability & Bandwidth :

Utilizing a VPN server is generally connected with a considerable drop in speed. There are numerous reasons behind the slower speed along with bandwidth. If you are currently using a slow Web connection, you’ll experience painfully slow browsing and also download speeds with a VPN server. On top associated with it, if you are planning to select a VPN server that is far away through your actual physical location, a majority of the speed is lost throughout the rerouting process.

Technical Setup Details For Hide My Ass Review 2015 HMA Pro VPN Free Download:
Name: HMA Pro VPN 2.6.9
File name: HMAProVPN2.6.9.
Size: 3.27 MB.
Version : 12th July 2014.
Developers: hidemyass.com.

System Requirements For Hide My Ass Review 2015 HMA Pro VPN Free Download:

Operating System: Windows XP, Windows Vista,Windows 7 and Windows 8,Windows 8.1( 64 bits / 32 bits) .
Processor: Pentium 4 or   i7.
RAM: 256MB or 2 Gb.
Hard Disk Space: 150MB .


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