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Published on: Mar 20 2015 by Macmillan

Deep Freeze Introduction :

Deep Freeze provides enhanced the way It Specialists advance end-point protection; its non-restrictive understanding offers the most robust work station safety accessible. The need for IT specialists to make renews, troubleshoot computers, re-image is actually removed with Deep Freeze’s reboot-to-restore technology.

Deep Freeze

The outcome is really a stunning reduction in support and It expenditures and a considerable increase in computer up time. While Deep Freeze offers bulletproof safety, its non-restrictive strategy additionally improves user efficiency and happiness. Placing absolutely no limitations on a user’s ability to access almost all system resources, users prevent the irritation of downtime due to os corruption, virus attacks, software issues, and many other problems.

Operation :

Deep Freeze is usually a kernel-level driver that guard hard drive integrity simply by redirecting information being prepared to the hard drive or partition, parting the initial data collectively. This redirected information is absolutely no longer referenced once the pc is re-booted, thus restoring the system in order to its new state at the disk sector level. This enables users to make ‘virtual’ modifications to the system, providing them with the look that they can alter core data files or even delete them, as well as even make the system unfeasible to themselves, however upon restart the initially designed ‘frozen’ state of the operating-system is restored.

New Features of Deep Frozen :

  • New Modern Look
  • Dynamically Filtered Groups
  • Remote Launch
  • Push and Launch
  • Format ThawSpace
  • View Select Columns
  • Select by Status
  • Maintenance Countdown Timer
  • Change Frozen Drive State.
  • Touchscreen Hotkey
  • Hidden ThawSpace Enhancements
  • Scheduler Enhancements

System Requirements:
Deep Freeze requires Windows XP,Windows 7 ,Windows 8 ,Windows 8.1



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