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Published on: Mar 19 2015 by Macmillan

Kaspersky TDSSkillerIntroduction :

TDSSKiller is a useful portable tool that can identify and remove both identified and unidentified rootkits.The program scans only the most expected areas of infection – your drivers, services and boot sectors – and so may miss some rootkits. It’s good enough to discover many known infections, though (Phanta, Trup, Stoned TDSS, Sinowal, Whistler).

Kaspersky TDSSkiller

Kaspersky TDSSKiller from Kaspersky Lab is a free utility that detects and eliminate rootkits and rootkit-like anomalies. The new version still provides the same efficient, user-friendly interface, as well as rapid scans.TDSSKiller.exe takes only seconds to run and must be worth your time.  It’s a single EXE file so after downloading it (as a zip file) you can effortlessly run it on many Windows machines.

Kaspersky TDSSkiller dwnload

The program is convenient, that is, it does not have to be installed. Just run it. You’ll be happy you did, no matter what it turns up.

Kaspersky TDSSkillerKey Features :

  • The utility can be run in Normal Mode and Safe Mode.
  • The utility supports 32-bit and 64-bit operation systems.
  • The utility has a graphical interface.
  • Detects and removes the malware family Rootkit.Win32.TDSS, bootkits, and rootkits

It detects and removes the following malware:

  • bootkits
  • rootkits
  • Malware family Rootkit.Win32.TDSS

How to disinfect a compromised system

  • Download the TDSSKiller.zip store and extract it into a directory on the infected (or possibly infected) computer with an archiver (WinZip, for example);
  • Run the TDSSKiller.exe file;
  • Wait up until the scanning and disinfection completes. A reboot probably require after the disinfection has been completed.


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