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Published on: Feb 27 2015 by Macmillan

Speed Commander pro review Introduction :

Speed Commander is usually a data file controlling system that concentrates on speed (as it’s name indicates) and also will come with many helpful features. The user interface of the software is well known. You could easily navigate within your data files as well as folders, because of the split view. Therefore, you can make use of standard tools, such as copy, move, delete and rename folders and files, in addition to view their qualities.

Speed Commander pro

However you could also utilize a multi-rename device, clean folders and files as well as compress them (to a number of formats, such as ZIP, RAR, TAR and also 7Z).

Speed Commander exclusively supports a selection of store formats. Which means you could unpack and also produce the thirteen many common archive formats.
A current Add In user interface allows the integration associated with extensions, providing extra functionality. The WinCeFS AddIn enables you to access PDA gadgets through ActiveSync. The WfxWrapper AddIn can easily integrate data file system plug-ins written for Complete Commander (wfx).The integrated FTP client facilitates FTP as well as FTP via SSH (SFTP) and FTP via SSL.
Additionally, Speed Commander includes an effective text editor with several extras including syntax displaying. Along with the integrated FTP client, you could each download files from the internet and add your own internet pages. Speed Commander even combines a internet browser for you to browse the internet!

Pros :  Tabbed interface, two-pane design, fantastic alternative to windows explorer
Cons : Interface appears easy, but I can’t find all the buttons; how would you extract data files through a .zip or .rar archive?


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