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Published on: Feb 20 2015 by Macmillan

Ivona text-to-speech utility Introduction :

Ivona text-to-speech utility, which means that it’ll study any kind of given digital textual content to those who are usually either creatively impaired or basically choose to rest their eyes while going through a specific piece of data.

Ivona text-to-speech utility

The digital voices look like human ones, they do not sound artificial in the method in which additional synthesized sounds do. The utility is accessible in numerous languages: English, German, French, Spanish, Polish, and Romanian. This particular text-to-speech reader enables pc to study any kind of text aloud. It could examine documents, news, RSS feeds, books, internet pages as well as emails.

Key features consist of:

BrightVoice technologies provides lifelike, significant reading regarding all your textual content
Obvious & easy-to-understand sound – possibly in noisy conditions
A quickly increasing portfolio of award-winning sounds accessible in several languages, accents & genders
Easy-to-install & utilize with computerized, free updates
Get begun in 4 simple steps:
1. Install IVONA Text-to-Speech HQ to your Android gadget through the Google Play store
2. Choose & install your desired language as well as voice(s) via the Google Play store
3. Once down loaded, start the IVONA application to complete your installation
4. Lastly, Choose IVONA TTS Engine as your default engine through moving to Android Configurations
Now you’re prepared to experience world-class IVONA Text-to-Speech & IVONA voices on your preferred text-to-speech enabled Android applications.
This Free beta version will certainly work without any kind of restrictions till beta tests finishes.
Pros :
Natural voices.
Tuning appropriate with the punctuation utilized within a text.
User-friendly user-interface.
Cons :
A few abbreviations, for example those through the metric system, may not be acknowledged.




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