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Published on: Jul 23 2014 by Macmillan

An animation constitutes shapes, pictures, videos, as well as audio and with the help of the built-in image editor, graphics can be refined and enhanced to make it look both natural and unique. This technique of animating is set up with the animation creator.

Hippo Animator

Hippo Animator is one such animation creator for the web that is enhanced to generate HTML files played virtually by any browser. It’s an out-standing animation creator with its interactivity combined with ease of use and that entails nil programming knowledge to deliver complex animations through Hippo Animator‘s Javascript engine.

The stratum of Hippo Animator’s user’s namely professionals, amateurs and beginners as well, are facilitated to explore and understand the advantages that it has to offer. The superior features enabled by Hippo Animator include comfortable and effortless way of manipulating each and every element in the animation and clear expression of every feature in it.

Hippo Animator  1The interface aspect of the Hippo Animator contributes to its ease of use, which despite being populated with rich array of buttons and menus, manages to remain user-friendly for most of the part. It even extends its prop up by supporting iPhone, iPad, Windows Phone and Android to name a few.

Hippo Animator  2

Hippo Animator can even work in old browsers like Internet Explorer 6, 7, and 8 where new technologies like HTML5 are not available. Web browsers like Firefox that don’t support MP3 are even supported by Hippo Animator apart from enabling the users to load large images after the movie has loaded.

Being a slick HTML Animation tool, it enriches life to web pages on all platforms. In total Hippo Animator is definitely a great asset especially for web designers to create HTML animations in a faster and more comfortable manner in comparison with similar applications.


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