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Published on: Jul 23 2014 by Macmillan

To err is human’! Believe it or not, nothing in this universe is perfect and so is the task accomplished by a specialist. Perfection seeking heart never satisfies with the present. There is an every chance for even an expert to commit a mistake while performing the task of his expertness. And if you are a video maker, you aren’t indifferent. Even you may have to make few corrections to the recorded video in terms of color, clarity, quality, and so on.

DaVinci ResolveTo enable the video makers and film directors to edit their videos to enhance the quality of their work, Blackmagic designed a software solution by name DaVinci Resolve, especially to enable color corrections of the recorded video. The high-end color correction tool is complete with a highly structured control surface intended exclusively for professionals.

DaVinci Resolve is an Industry leading suite of utilities and tools which is in use by the plethora of video editors throughout the globe. With DaVinci Resolve program you can edit the video more like a professional. The superior features of the application comprise the following: the high quality processing which limits itself to SD and HD resolution projects, one red rocket card, two color correction nodes, and a single processing GPU.

DaVinci Resolve 1Best of all, DaVinci Resolve program aids you with ready to be used features like Image data analysis, timeline video editing and loads of color correction facilities etc. The advanced application enhances you to adjust the color parameters irrespective of the frame. The user friendly interface of DaVinci Resolve enables you to discover the saturation, gain color balance control, hue, and other functions.

With its high performance DaVinci Resolve is regarded as the Hollywood’s predominant color corrector suite and is the world’s astounding editor! This little information on DaVinci Resolve is sufficient for you to make a resolution right now to work with it, to edit your videos!


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