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Published on: Jul 22 2014 by Macmillan

The sole purpose of browsing the Internet is gathering information which is found in multiple forms. Users prefer to capture webpages or the entire websites when they opt for offline browsing. Webshot fulfills the broad line of capturing, saving of the screen shots of the web pages.

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Web Shot is wonderful software which is in use by plethora of users for capturing screenshots of entire websites or single pages. The screenshot of the web pages alongside saving those images is facilitated by Webshot application. Webshot can even output those images in compatible formats: BMP, PNG, JPG… to name a few.

WebShotA command line interface and a DLL combination of WebShot facilitate you to embed screenshot generation technology in your own applications. And as it is a simple utility that facilitate you to take screenshots and thumbnails of Web pages or Web sites; screenshots of a single Webpage or screenshots of multiple Web pages can be taken in batch mode. Screenshots of multiple pages can be made at the same time, just by making a list inside WebShot by adding multiple source URLs and the rest is taken care by the application itself.

WebShot supports the most common image types alongside its ease of use and customization. The captured pages’ width and height can be determined at 100% accuracy besides the calculation of pages within the framework, thumb nailing of the images with the help of Webshot software.

Webshot can also block most popups like javascript popups, script dialogs, injected via wmp popups to name a few. The bottom line is this program works pretty fast with multiple links besides the fact that Webshot can do the whole job perfectly error free.

Requirements :
Publisher Nathan Moinvaziri
Publisher web site http://www.extractnow.com/
Release date January 07, 2014
System requirements:  OS Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Server 2008,  Windows 8


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