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Published on: Jul 22 2014 by Macmillan

Is creating web pages is your prime concern? Your zeal to create web pages can be made easy with a computer program called HTML editor. You can edit, preview, validate, publish, and manage their projects making use of a standardized editor like HTML editor. For additional functionality and ease, one can make use of a specialized HTML editor.

HTML editor

Contemporary websites can be created using a structured markup language like HTML editor. JavaScript, XML, and CSS are the related technologies with which an HTML editor can even work with. Management of communication with remote web servers is made possible with developer tool like HTML editor via FTP and WebDAV, and CVS (version management system).

HTML editor 1To make the program conventional to W3C standards for the World Wide Web, HTML editor must be written following certain rules. Then, the created web pages can be accessible on all types and makes of computer by everyone.

Despite of following certain rules, sometimes HTML editor does not function efficiently. To meet the inefficacy some guidelines to be followed: those which emphasize the separation of content (HTML or XHTML) from style (CSS).

HTML editor 2

The types of editors that are embedded in HTML editor include: text editor, object editor, WYSIWYG HTML editor, WYSIWYM editor, and online editor. Each type of editor fulfills unique requirement. All together makes the HTML editor competent to meet the modern web page creation criteria.

The bottom line of the program is: it is full-featured editor optimized for web development in the up to date style.


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