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Published on: Jul 11 2014 by Macmillan

Beginner or an experienced developer, whoever may you be! You can now save plenty of your time while creating websites of high flexibility with numerous options. A powerful automation tool named PHPMaker makes it all possible to design and develop websites of high quality and distinction.


The data bases like: Oracle, MySQL, Microsoft Access, PostgreSQL, and Microsoft SQL Server support the generation of full set of PHP. The websites those are right away developed by PHPMaker, facilitates you to view, search, edit, add and delete records on the web.

PHP applications of high flexibility and several options that can go well with your requirements are generated by the PHPMaker programmers. Clean codes that are easy to customize are generated by making use of the software. All the PHP scripts can be run on the windows.

PHPMaker 1

A versatile set of features included in the PHPMaker permit you to manipulate queries. With the user-friendly interface you can configure database details. PHP parameters can also be set up for email settings and page options like use button drop-down for links, enable export in List page etc.

In addition, customization of themes and styles, edition of the font, title, site icon and so on is permitted by the HTML code. With plethora of options like above makes PHPMaker a popular tool to build and develop websites.

Extensions can be added alongside configuring advanced settings through PHPMaker. Synchronization of tables and views, creation, alteration, conversion of a custom view to a view, addition of reports, as well as deletion of invalid objects are some of the features allowed by the program.

Be first to distinguish your talent in developing ground breaking websites with PHPMaker and get your work recognized!

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