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Published on: Jul 11 2014 by Macmillan

Amateur to professional web developer can now get their task of creating websites is done in sophisticated manner, much easily with a top class application namely Namo WebEditor 9. You can even give up the thought of writing a code while adding content to the web pages, for the powerful visual authoring environment of Namo WebEditor 9 enables this classy service.

Namo WebEditor 9Anyone and everyone can build websites with Namo Site Wizard effortlessly. The whole website created can be maintained at ease with the Site Wizard and the Site Manager enabled application of Namo WebEditor 9. The Quick Tag Editor and the real time synchronization between WYSIWYG Editing Mode and the HTML Mode facilitate the advanced users to create and manage highly superior websites.

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Namo WebEditor 9 is full-featured with an improved ribbon menu to access often used commands that are enriched with organized toolbars which is not featured in its pervious versions. The Site Manager tool of the program enables the users to organize and update the website very quick.

The compatibility of the designed website with all the major browsers is checked with Namo WebEditor 9’s Cross Browser Support feature which facilitates testing. The Mobile Preview feature of the application helps out to design a mobile version of your site for plethora of devices which includes Nexus, iPhone, Droid, and Galaxy.

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The HTML Source pane reflects the modifications in the visual editing pane instantly. Best of all, the newly added feature namely education of Namo WebEditor 9 allows you to prepare class projects alongside creating lesson plans with the Teaching Plan Wizard. In addition to that, the education feature of the program enables slide-show presentations in full screen.


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