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Published on: Jul 10 2014 by Macmillan

Were you in search of a programming tool that reduces your burden in fetching the HTML from a remote page and in posting some data to a remote location? Would you like to give up your time consuming and unnecessary efforts of learning to use curl or sock open?


You are at right juncture to fulfill your desire in effortless manner. Snoopy is a boon to all those who desire to simulate a web browser effortlessly and in no time. Snoopy is a PHP class of its own that takes care of all the above functions at ease.

Snoopy 1

Snoopy enables the simulation of a web browser. The program aids you in automating the task of retrieving the web page content besides the posting forms. Snoopy can even imitate the function of the web browser alongside completing the access to web content and the task of sending form.

The software aptly requires the server’s PHP version 4 or more, in supporting Perl Compatible Regular Expressions which is a basic LAMP server support. The glut of features that enrich Snoopy’s utility include: it can supports proxy hosts besides supporting basic user name/password authentication, effortless way of fetching the content of the website, web page text content, and the web page link.

Snoopy 2

In addition, Snoopy enables turning of Web pages into high quality links so as to expand the URL, convenient scraping of the page text and control of steering depth.

Best of all, Snoopy offers an interface! Why wait, grab it into your software tool box and enjoy its ease of use in mimicking a web browser. Now it’s your turn to choose between a cake walk and a donkey job!


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