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Published on: Jun 07 2014 by Macmillan

Are you in thought of giving special effects for your web pages alongside developing small-to-medium .NET projects? Now you can bring your quest to an end with JavaScript Editor which is an all in one solution.

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JavaScript Editor is indeed an Integrated Development Environment especially used for professionally editing JavaScript code. Making use of CSS, DHTML, and Ajax; JavaScript Editor enhances special effects to your web pages. Thus it got popularized as a first-class solution for developing small-to-medium .NET projects.

JavaScript Editor

Effortless way of creating, editing, syntax checking, debugging, formatting, beautifying, finding and organization of your code is done at rocket speed now with JavaScript Editor. The integrated set of tools of JavaScript IDE namely JavaScript debugger, Intelligence, code-complete, color-coded editing, JavaScript templates, source code formatter / beautifier, etc, allow you to do rapid development.

JavaScript Editor enables the combination of technologies namely HTML, XML, CSS, PHP, Java, JScript.NET, C# and others to build great-looking and highly-functional web pages, stand-alone applications that are powered by JavaScript, .NET apps and libraries.

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Detection of logical errors in your code can be identified with the help of JavaScript debugger. Moreover with the built-in Syntax Check, your code will be error-free in seconds. Intelligence/auto-complete monitor your keystrokes offering you pick-lists with member functions, methods and properties. Memorization of standard functions, properties, methods, and parameter lists is not essential with this tool.

JavaScript Editor enables you to re-assign all the shortcut keys to continue working with familiar shortcuts rather than having to learn the new ones. The bug-finding frustration can be avoided to focus on development with JavaScript Editor’s Function Calling as it speeds up your testing tremendously and removes the need to code the driver function for black-box testing.

To sum up, JavaScript Editor is multiple steps ahead of the older methods of editing, testing and debugging JavaScript’s.



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