AhnLab Internet Security 2014

Published on: Apr 07 2014 by Macmillan

Malware Defense System AhnLab is the only enterprise security solution that mixes analysis and cloud-based local to stop advanced persistent threats (APT) and denial of service attacks (DDoS ). It is the only solution advanced persistent threat protection that gives network and host based protection.

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AhnLab MDS utilizes a process of automated threat response including: analysis and collection of data for a lot of Internet protocols, monitoring of two-way traffic flow and network blocking, outputs and monitoring use of malicious sites and command control and command ( C & C ) communications, treatment ( remedy ) hosts suspected to be infected ( not just the detection and identification of these), removal of suspicious files inside the host.

AhnLab MDS simplifies security for system end and administrators users. All system operations are configured and managed by way of a single interface. Alerts are often targeted to specific personnel for monitoring, including usage of critical information through smart phones and tablets. This solution rich, single source provides insurance services enabling social media as well as other online applications essential. MDS offers real-time analysis for popular file formats used by APT spread.

– Supports 64 bit OS
– Protects wireless environment
– Optimizes system
-Scans & repairs virus & spyware
– Prevents personal information leakage
– Encrypts files and folders
– Filters URL & Website
– Prevents Phishing
– Manages network session
– Traces and blocks infector antomatically




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