Nmap Security Scanner Download

Published on: Apr 05 2014 by Macmillan

Nmap is really a security scanner. It can be used to discover computers and services on the computer network, thus creating a “map” of the network. Like simple port scanners, and is able of finding out inert services on a network despite the fact that such services are not advertising themselves with a service discovery protocol.

Nmap Security Scanner

Additionally Nmap may be able to find out different information about remote computers. The local area network is integrated yet card provider remote network.


• Host Discovery – Identifying hosts on the network.

• Port Scanning – Enumerating the open ports on one or even multiple destination hosts.

• Version Detection – Interrogating listening network services on remote devices to determine the application name and version number.

• OS Detection – Remotely determining the hardware features of some network devices OS.

• Interface through the aim script – By Nmap Scripting Engine and the Lua language, custom queries can be created.

• Searching and device type.

• Reverse DNS lookup.

• Retrieve the MAC addresses.

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