Aquadot Red 1.5 Download Game For mac

Published on: Mar 11 2014 by Macmillan

 Aquadot! Red 1.5 – Game For mac  is never explained in words its wordless feeling to play this game. This game is a five star rated game. This game is having various levels each level power will be used in its succession level.

Aquadot! Red 1.5 – Game

The concept of physics is also used in this game to make the visual effects more brightful. Download the game and start enjoying by playing it.

Operating system:

  • ·Mac OS X 10.4/Server/10.5/Server/10.6/10.4
  • ·PPC/Intel/10.5
  • ·PPC/Intel/10.5.6
  • ·Intel/10.6 Intel




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