Dirk Dashing – Secret Agent! 1.2 Game For Mac

Published on: Aug 04 2013 by Macmillan

Dirk Dashing – Secret Agent! 1.2 is full of excitement and it is very simple and easy game.

Dirk Dashing – Secret Agent! 1.2

It is the number one functioning in the clandestine institute called Government Operatives On Duty, whose assignment is to protect the world from terrorists and power-mad megalomaniacs. His missions find him to many foreign locales, where he must look dangerous enemies, shuntraps, and solve baffling puzzles order in save to the day. As Dirk Dashing, you have been assigned to recover the seven largest diamonds in the world, which have been stolen from a museum exhibit by the international jewel thief, Pique Pockette


1.0 GHz processor or better


OpenGL-compatible video card

OpenAL-compatible sound card


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