SummerBoard Download For Iphone

Published on: Mar 27 2013 by Macmillan

SummerBoard is the enormous popular software for IPod or Iphone. With the help of this software you can modify themes as you like. SummerBoard supports themes which are available in such as Oren, Phiberglass, JrWallace, and two variations of Tiger.


It allows you to create your own themes also. The themes of SummerBoard are designed to make easily and easy to reside on your iphone. While you are creating SummerBoard themes, named it with png extension as the application name looks like on the home screen. After creating your themes as per your imagination, whenever you want you can arrange your mobile with different look to give shock to your friends. To download SummerBoard connect your iPod or I phone into the USB of your computer. After downloading you can find one folder on your desktop for installation. Try this application on your mobile and change your iPod or Iphone themes.



SummerBoard Download

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