Media player web UI Free Download

Published on: Mar 23 2013 by Macmillan

Media player web UI is a web based remote control for media player classic application in  It is an Ajax based web applications and the user can download it and run on the PC.

Media player web UI

It is a compact free software media player for Microsoft windows.  We can access it through a local address on the iphone to control media player classic on the windows computer.  The user can control basic playback functions in MPC and can browse the system for flicks. The app is designed especially for iphone and iPod touch.  Where, it uses completely a different base code and integrated with many options and features.  By using this application, the user can control win amp from anywhere.  Media player web UI controls are very flexible and provide numerous capabilities for the users. Creating and loading playlists, set chapters, watch the media in the full screen mode, completely customize the appearance of the control or integrating the control with RAD cover flow for a brilliant visual presentation are its efficient attributes.



Media player web UI-app

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