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Published on: Mar 23 2013 by Macmillan

Gril-M is a Multi-languages POS for managing hotels, restaurants and bar according to customers. It is an intranet multilingual application published by pi-Iyon on December 7, 2010. This application needs Web ware operating system.


It is very helpful for the service man in restaurants for taking the orders of the customers. This application is facilitated with many advanced features which are very useful for users. This application helps the user for taking an order of the customer, calculating the bill of a customer very efficiently and accurately and it also helps in organizing the parties in an efficient way. It will support many languages and helps the barer while taking the orders from the person of other language very easily. Gril-M provides an accurate bill for the users and they can generate the hard copy of the bill after calculating it. This application is very useful for restaurants and hotels.



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