Published on: Mar 22 2013 by Macmillan

Treasuremy Text is a SMS storage service and community. Where, people save their favorite SMS content in online.  It allows the user to store SMS messages from your mobile phone to online.  This service is free and standard SMS rates apply depending on the mobile service provider.


It has been accomplished with lavishing and corking characters such as; delete individual SMS, Archives SMS messages and deletes bulk of messages from iphone in one action, Archive SMS messages to the user treasuremy text account.  One can add treasuremy text to the list of sources.  A new contact will be created if the from address is not yet in your treasuremy text contacts.  This is accomplished with benefits such as, messages will be displayed in TMT format with the original data which is sent by the user, TMT figures out the right from contact info for the user and the messages will appear in TMT according to the right date.  Use of this exotic and affective service makes the user feel delighted.



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