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Published on: Mar 16 2013 by Macmillan

Lock Folder XP is a fresh safety application that allows fastens the data files, directories as well as drives with your personal private data. Now no one but you can access your current nearly all sensitive information. Lock folders, records and also drives furthermore properly guard you from harmful plans, for example viruses, red wigglers along with Trojan’s.

Lock Folder XP

Here is how Lock Folder XP works all you have to carry out is usually to pull file as well as file you would like to locking mechanism to be able to Secure File Experience window, and it will be completed instantly. Today your computer data is protected, hidden and may not seen without having coming into your individual password. It is important to possess efficient protection from not authorized accessibility, since over 80% involving documented security breaches are derived from within the corporation, not cyber-terrorist! Sealing files, directories as well as devices is the greatest strategy to guarantee that no-one accidentally or even intentionally will get access to the monetary, health, exclusive or private info. Essentially, what Fasten File XP really does is usually to conceal files, file or even drives through unauthorized consumers, but it also

can shield them a password. Naturally, there’s absolutely no limit on the quantity of records being guarded, to help you very easily guard large folders, regardless of his or her size.

The approval features a pretty user friendly software and may be easily manipulated completely from your plate through right-clicking their symbol or perhaps with all the key pad shortcuts. The matter that truly shocked us all throughout each of our test was Lock Folder XP’s capability to guard the actual offered file even though a person close up the actual app as well as, maintain your current inhale, even just in Risk-free Function whenever you in principle have the chance to remove it. In general, Lock Folder XP’s is a good computer software answer for Windows XP people who desire a little more privacy as well as right up until Microsoft Company packages this type of device in to their operating system, this is the sole method to be able to ensure any file.

Current Version: 3.9.2
Release Date: Mar 31, 2012
Operating System: Windows 7, Vista, 2008, 2003, XP and 2000
File Size: 3.20 MB



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