PC Tools Firewall

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100% Free leading Firewall for personal computers.it was founded in the year 25th November 2003,formerly known as winguides.com is a software company.PC Tools headquarters is located in North Sydney, Australia and offices are at the USA,UK,Ireland & Ukraine.Dave Cole is the Vice President and General Manager of Pc Tools.

PC Tools Firewall

PC Tools distributes anti-malware and system utilities software to consumers around the world.PC Tools Software Supports Both Windows & Mac OS Platforms.All the functions in PC Tools Firewall Plus are easily accessible in the firewall’s interface.The PC Tools Firewall Plus application was developed specially for Windows that protects your computer by preventing unauthorized users from gaining access to your computer through the Internet or a network.
Firewall Plus is  an advanced technology specially designed for common people, not for experts.This Software is trusted by millions of people across the world to protect their PC’s from several threats.

Features :

It is easy to use even for begginers.
It has 2 user modes 1.)Normal 2.) Expert
It has Advanced rules to protect your PC against common attacks.
It Protects your PC at all the time while you are working, surfing and playing.
Attractive Design
Improved Performance
Windows Filtering Platform Support
New Network Awareness
Improved Data Leakage Protection
Best of all is it’s free.
No catches, limitations or time-limits.

It has one drawback that it has no different security levels.

System Requirements:

Windows :
Windows Xp,Windows 7,Windows Vista.

Installation Process :

*Download PC Tools Firewall Plus from any leading software web sites.
*After downloading close all open windows and disable your existing firewall by clicking on “Start” and then choose “Control Panel.”
*Then Click on “Security.”
*Select “Turn Windows Firewall on or off.”
*When the “Windows Firewall Settings” screen appears, click on “Off (not recommended),” select “Apply,” and then choose “OK.”
This will disable Windows Firewall and enable you to install PC Tools Firewall Plus as your default firewall software.
*Close all the open windows besides the PC Tools Firewall Plus Installation Wizard.
*Follow the instructions in the Installation Wizard.
Read and accept the user license agreement (the installation will be denied if you decline the agreement).
When the Installation Wizard is finished, you should restart your computer whether you are prompted to or not.
This will allow the changes to take effect.
When the computer is restarted, PC Tools Firewall Plus will be installed as your default firewall software.

Present Version :


 Download PC Tools Firewall

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