TimeScroller Widget For Mac

Published on: Jan 18 2013 by go4softwares

TimeScroller widget is a utility that shows you the time of any place in the globe.

TimeScroller Widget

TimeScroller is a must have widget on your desktops and phones. It is profoundly useful as it displays the world times of any place in a simple and compact manner which could be very useful for those of you who maintain constant connection of various forms with clients, colleagues and friends overseas. Not only it shows the current time of the day but also comes with a scroller at the bottom of the UI, which when clicked and dragged shows us the future time, a very helpful feature to work out on future events if any at a point beyond the current time. Dragging the scroller rapidly updates the display time of all the cities. Another interesting feature is the configurable color coded icon that is prefixed to every city name which is an indicator of the fact if it’s a right time to perform an action or otherwise, example ‘green’ can be used to indicate the office hours. Want to conduct a conference or make a call overseas? Use TimeScroller to decide what would be the most effective time to convey your most vital message. Download this widget/app from our site for free!

Key Features:

  • It  can be configured to display times of up to 20 cities simultaneously
  • Once you choose a time and click on mail button an email is automatically drafted with details of meeting or conference timings.
  • The configurable color codes make it more appealing as it aptly indicates whether it would be right time to perform a particular task.
  • TimeScroller does not require an internet connection to run.

Requirements: TimeScroller is available as a widget for Mac OS X and as an application in the AppStore for iPhone and iPod touch.


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