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Published on: Jan 18 2013 by go4softwares

SugarSync is an easy to use application that actively back up & syncs files across multiple devices so that you can access your data anytime, anywhere and from any device (desktop and mobile). The service has apps for Android, BlackBerry, iPhone, iPad and Windows Mobile devies.


Human instincts have proved our great ability to adapt to the modern gadgets that hit the market every day, consequently filling our surroundings with overwhelming number of portable and non portable gadgets. We regularly carry them with ourselves; have them at home and offices. Synchronizing and backing up them regularly has become inevitable need today! SugarSync helps achieve this goal at affordably low price. It comes with an outstanding User Interface on web and local devices which provides wide spread accessibility anywhere, anytime from wide range of devices. You have several storage plans to choose from, ranging from 30GB to 250GB, its lowest-tier plan offers space to hold 3,000 documents, 6,000 photos and 6,000 songs. SugarSync’s business plans designed for multi-user accounts are scalable as a result you can add additional storage and users to your account as needed, ensuring you pay only for resources you utilize. In SugarSync there is no dedicated folder to which you have to drag and drop the files unlike other such services, all you have to do is specify which folders on your desktop you wish to sync across other devices. Having said that, SugarSync does not hold you from having a dedicated folder if you wish to have one; it’s called Magic Briefcase and it can be installed. Files placed in Magic Briefcase are automatically synced to your account. SugarSync supports various files including music, videos, PDFS, presentations, executables and virtually everything you can think of. You can create links to share your files in your email, blogs, Facebook and Twitter which allows people to view files such as photos by simply clicking on the link without even having to sign up with a flexible option of disabling the link anytime in future. You can share folders and collaborate with friends and colleagues. Security is well adhered, all your files are encrypted when they are transferred to and from a server with Transport Layer Security (TLS), an encryption technology for web communications. SugarSync’s drawback is that it doesn’t preview files and do not provide unlimited storage apart from that it is power packed with features which makes it a very tough competitor and preferred downloadable application. Happy syncing!

Key Features:

  • Ability to sync files across computers and mobile devices
  • Provides online Back up
  • The service has apps for every major Smartphone.
  • Sync multiple devices
  • Folder and file sharing
  • Remote access your files from anywhere by login to the SugarSync website
  • It is a promising application, considering its overall flexibility, simplicity and functionality to meet most demanding storage needs


SugarSync 1.9.81 is available for Windows and Mac desktops and for iPhone, iPad, Android, BlackBerry, Symbian, Win Mobile and Outlook.



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