SketchBook Express For Mac

Published on: Jan 18 2013 by go4softwares

SketchBook Express is an intuitive drawing application for Mac, suitable for making quick doodles and professional sketching.

SketchBook Express

Sketchbook Express a simple application for sketching and drawing, it has lots to offer an artist who knows how to make most out of it. It is more or less like an MS paint application, suitable to be used with a pen and tablet device. With professional grade tools of SketchBook Express you can produce highly impressive drawings. There are many preset tools, including airbrushes, flood fill tools, blur, pencils markers, erasers, and sharpeners plus different drawing modes that enable you to quickly create lines, circles, and rectangles. There’s also a cropping tool to trim your images. As told earlier SketchBook Express is suitable to be used with a pen and tablet device, however it may not be compatible with all tablets. It lacks certain advanced features nonetheless has scope to improve.

The best thing about SketchBook Express is that even though it is quite basic in some ways, it feels very much like a professional drawing application.


  • Suitable for doodling and professional sketching
  • Good alternative to MS Paint
  • Easy to switch main tools


  • SketchBook Express is only available via the Mac App Store. ‘Download’ will launch the app’s page in the App Store (requires the Mac App Store to be installed on your Mac).


  • PPC / Intel
  • Mac OS X 10.5 or later
  • Apple’s X11 windowing environment


Download SketchBook Express



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